Messi Skips Wedding of His Aunt’s Husband’s Sister

Messi's family drama over wedding

Lionel Messi, the world-famous football star, has caused a stir in his family by skipping the wedding of his aunt’s husband’s sister, which took place in Barcelona on Saturday. Messi, who was expected to attend the ceremony and the reception, claimed that he had more important things to do, such as playing with his dog, watching Netflix, and taking a nap.

Messi’s aunt, Maria, who is married to Jorge, the brother of the bride, expressed her disappointment and hurt by Messi’s absence, and felt that he was disrespecting her and her husband. She told him that she had invited him personally, and that he had promised to come. She also mentioned that she had reserved a special table for him and his wife, Antonella, and that she had bought them a lavish gift.

Messi’s aunt also admitted that she was embarrassed by Messi’s snub, and that she had to face the questions and comments of the other guests, who were curious and excited to see Messi. She revealed that some of them even accused her of lying about being related to Messi, and that others joked that Messi was too busy counting his money or avoiding taxes.

Messi, however, insisted that he did not regret his decision, and that he did not care about the wedding of his aunt’s husband’s sister, whom he barely knew. He stated that he had no obligation to attend, and that he preferred to spend his time doing things that he enjoyed. He added that he had sent a text message to his aunt, apologizing for his absence and wishing her happiness, but that he had not received a reply.

Messi also confessed that he was not interested in the gossip and drama of his family, and that he wanted to focus on his career and his own family. He declared that he loved his aunt, but that he did not like her husband, who was always asking him for favors and money. He hoped that his aunt would understand and forgive him, and that he would see her at Christmas.