Utility Workers Support Depardieu, Call Him a “Role Model”

Utility workers defend Depardieu

A group of utility workers in France have voiced their support for the actor Gerard Depardieu, who is facing rape allegations and backlash for his sexist behaviour. The workers, who call themselves the “Fans of Gerard”, staged a protest in Paris on Friday, holding signs that read “Gerard, we stand with you” and “Gerard, you are a role model”.

The workers expressed their admiration for Depardieu for his acting skills, his charisma, and his courage, and said that they felt a bond with him, as they both worked in “tough and dirty” jobs. They denied the accusations against him, and claimed that they were part of a “smear campaign” and a “witch-hunt” by his enemies. They also remarked that they did not mind his sexist and inappropriate comments, and found them witty and harmless.

The workers explained that they wanted to show their solidarity with Depardieu, and to thank him for his contribution to French culture and cinema. They hoped that he would clear his name, and that he would continue to make great movies. They also invited him to join them in their work, and to share a drink and a chat with them.

The protest was met with outrage and disgust by most passers-by, who booed or ignored the workers. Some feminist activists and politicians condemned the workers for their support of Depardieu, and argued that they were endorsing and encouraging violence against women. They also asserted that Depardieu was not a role model, but a disgrace.