Techie Ducks Take Over the Pond

DuckJet 3000 Revolution

In a bizarre turn of events, a group of ducks at Central Park have become the latest tech sensation. The feathered friends were spotted navigating the pond with miniature jetpacks strapped to their backs, leaving onlookers in a flutter of amazement and amusement.

The mastermind behind this quacky innovation is none other than 10-year-old genius, Timmy Techlove, who decided that ducks needed an upgrade. “Why should birds have all the fun flying?” Timmy was overheard saying. His invention, the ‘DuckJet 3000’, allows ducks to zoom across the water at speeds previously only achievable by their airborne cousins.

The scene at the pond was nothing short of chaotic as the ducks darted about, performing aerial stunts and occasionally splashing unsuspecting joggers. “It’s like watching a feathery air show,” commented one park-goer, while shielding his ice cream cone from a low-flying mallard.

Timmy’s invention has not only revolutionized duck transportation but also sparked a heated debate among the tech community. Some are hailing it as the next big thing in animal mobility, while others are questioning the ethics of equipping wildlife with gadgets.

As for the ducks, they seem to be taking to their new gear like, well, ducks to water. The park’s wildlife officials are considering a ‘DuckJet’ license program to ensure safe flying protocols are followed. Meanwhile, Timmy is already back at the drawing board, rumored to be working on a submarine for squirrels. “The sky’s the limit, but so is the sea!” he exclaimed.

This feathery fiasco has certainly ruffled some feathers in the tech world, but one thing is clear: Central Park’s ducks are now the coolest birds on the block, or should we say, the pond.