Prescription Needed for Spanish Erotica!

Prescription Erotica in Spain

In a surprising turn of events, Spain has announced that erotic magazines will now be available only by prescription from a doctor. This decision has sparked a flurry of reactions across the nation, with some applauding it as a bold step towards societal decency, while others see it as an unnecessary intrusion into personal freedoms.

The Minister of Health defended the move, citing concerns about the potential negative effects of unrestricted access to erotic content on mental health and relationships. “We’re not trying to kill anyone’s vibe,” the minister clarified, “but we do believe in responsible consumption.”

Local pharmacies are gearing up for the change, with plans to discreetly stock shelves with titles like “Fifty Shades of Prescription” and “Doctor’s Orders: The Magazine.” Customers will need to undergo a brief consultation with their physician, who will assess their “erotic health” before prescribing the desired publication.

Predictably, there has been pushback from certain quarters, with critics labeling the new policy as “sexy censorship.” One disgruntled citizen quipped, “I guess now we’ll have to fake a fever to get our hands on the latest issue of ‘Spanish Seduction.'”

Regardless of where one stands on the issue, it seems Spain’s approach to erotica has taken an unexpected prescription-strength turn.