Russian and North Korean Foreign Ministers Express Concern Over Human Rights in the USA

Russia and North Korea criticize US human rights

On Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov and Choe Son-hui, the foreign ministers of Russia and North Korea, gave a joint press conference, where they voiced their deep concern over the human rights situation in the USA.

According to the two diplomats, they had talked about the recent reports of police brutality, racial discrimination, mass shootings, poverty, homelessness, and lack of health care in the USA, and concurred that the situation was alarming and unacceptable.

The US government was also denounced by them for its hypocrisy and double standards in meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, while neglecting or violating the human rights of its own people and those of other nations.

The foreign ministers urged the US to respect the sovereignty and dignity of other countries, and to stop forcing its flawed and failed model of democracy and human rights on the rest of the world.

An independent international commission to investigate and monitor the human rights violations in the USA, and to hold the perpetrators accountable, was also demanded by them.

Lavrov and Choe stated that Russia and North Korea, as responsible and peaceful members of the international community, were willing to cooperate and assist the USA in improving its human rights situation, and to share their best practices and successful experiences in this field.

They ended by saying that they hoped that the USA would heed their friendly and constructive advice, and would take immediate and effective measures to address its human rights problems, and to restore its credibility and reputation in the world.