UFO Welcomes Biden to Los Angeles with a Flyby

UFO near Biden's plane

President Joe Biden received an unexpected greeting when he arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday for a fundraising event. A UFO was seen flying near his Air Force One, sparking curiosity and confusion among the passengers and the public.

The UFO, which appeared to be a metallic disc-shaped object, was captured on video by several witnesses, who posted the footage on social media. The UFO flew parallel to Air Force One for a few seconds, before zooming away at high speed.

The White House and the Pentagon did not comment on the incident, saying that they were unaware of any unusual activity in the airspace. However, some sources suggested that the UFO was part of a secret military project, or a prank by a private company.

Some conspiracy theorists, however, claimed that the UFO was an alien spacecraft, and that it was trying to communicate with Biden, or warn him of something. They speculated that the UFO was related to the recent reports of aerial objects that have been shot down over North America, and that the aliens were unhappy with the U.S. government’s actions.

Biden himself did not seem to notice the UFO, or did not care about it. He waved to the crowd as he stepped out of the plane, and proceeded to his scheduled event. He did not mention the UFO in his speech, and focused on his agenda and achievements.