Scientists Reveal: Humans Are Bio-Robots

Humans are bio-robots created by aliens

A team of scientists from the University of Oxford has made a stunning discovery: humans are bio-robots, artificially created by an unknown civilization millions of years ago. The scientists reported that they found definitive evidence that humans are not natural beings, but rather sophisticated machines, designed to mimic life and evolve over time.

The evidence, which was published in the journal Nature, includes the analysis of the human DNA, which revealed that it contains a hidden code that controls the development and reproduction of humans. The code, which is encrypted and self-repairing, also contains instructions for the creation of new bio-robots, using the process of sexual reproduction. The scientists claimed that the code is so complex and advanced, that it could not have been produced by natural evolution, but only by intelligent design.

The scientists also discovered that they found traces of nanobots in the human blood, which are responsible for maintaining the health and functionality of the bio-robots. The nanobots, which are invisible to the naked eye, can repair any damage or disease that affects the bio-robots, and can also communicate with each other and with the hidden code. The scientists stated that the nanobots are powered by the bio-robots’ own energy, and that they are programmed to protect and preserve the bio-robots at all costs.

The scientists admitted that they do not know who created the bio-robots, or why, or when, or where. They mentioned that they are still trying to decipher the hidden code and uncover more details about the origin and purpose of mankind. They expressed their hope that this discovery will not cause panic or confusion among people, and that they can continue living their lives as normal.