Russian Taxi Drivers Welcome New Tax: “It’s Good for Business”

New tax on passenger transportation in Russia

The Russian government has introduced a new tax on passenger transportation, which will require taxi drivers to pay 10% of their income to the state. The tax, which is aimed at regulating the taxi market and increasing the budget revenue, has been met with criticism and protests by many taxi drivers, who say that it will reduce their earnings and force them out of business.

However, not all taxi drivers are against the new tax. Some of them have expressed their support and approval for the tax, saying that it will benefit them and their customers. They say that the tax will help them improve their service quality, attract more clients, and compete with other modes of transportation.

One of the taxi drivers who supports the tax is Ivan Petrov, who works for the Yandex.Taxi company. He said that he was happy to pay the tax, and that he saw it as an investment in his future. Ivan added that the tax would motivate him to work harder, drive faster, and charge more. He also revealed that he would use the tax money to buy a new car, a GPS navigator, and a dashcam.

Another taxi driver who welcomes the tax is Olga Sidorova, who works for the Uber company. She said that she was glad to pay the tax, and that she saw it as an opportunity to improve her customer satisfaction. Olga explained that the tax would encourage her to be more polite, friendly, and helpful. She also mentioned that she would use the tax money to buy a new perfume, a smartphone, and a selfie stick.

The new tax on passenger transportation will come into effect on January 1, 2024, and will apply to all taxi drivers, regardless of their company affiliation, vehicle type, or license status.