Chinese Man’s Rat Trap Backfires, Causes Rodent Invasion

rat repellent device backfires

A Chinese man from Guangzhou who wanted to get rid of the rats in his house ended up causing a rodent invasion in his neighborhood. The man, identified as Mr. Li, bought a device that claimed to repel rats with ultrasonic waves. However, instead of driving the rats away, the device attracted them from nearby areas.

Mr. Li said he was shocked when he saw hundreds of rats crawling into his house through the windows, doors, and vents. He tried to turn off the device, but it was too late. The rats had already made themselves comfortable in his furniture, appliances, and food.

“I thought it was a rat repellent, not a rat magnet,” Mr. Li said. “It was a nightmare. I had to call the pest control to get rid of them.”

The pest control company said it was the worst case of rat infestation they had ever seen. They had to use traps, poison, and dogs to catch the rats. It took them three days to clear Mr. Li’s house and the surrounding area.

The device that Mr. Li bought was later found to be a fake product that did not emit any ultrasonic waves. The seller, who had advertised it online, was arrested for fraud and animal cruelty.