Rowan Atkinson to play Hulk in new superhero movie

Rowan Atkinson as the Hulk in a parody movie

Rowan Atkinson, the British actor and comedian best known for his roles as Mr. Bean and Johnny English, has been cast as the Hulk in a new superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics character. The movie, titled “The Incredible Hulk: A Comedy of Errors”, will be a parody of the superhero genre, and will feature Atkinson as a clumsy and awkward scientist who accidentally turns into a green monster whenever he gets angry or stressed.

The movie, which will be directed by Mel Brooks, the legendary filmmaker behind classics such as “The Producers”, “Blazing Saddles”, and “Spaceballs”, will also star Sacha Baron Cohen as the villainous Leader, a super-intelligent and evil mastermind who wants to use the Hulk’s power for his own nefarious purposes. The movie will also feature cameo appearances by other famous actors and comedians, such as Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, and Steve Carell.

The movie, which is expected to be released in 2024, has already generated a lot of buzz and excitement among fans and critics, who are curious and eager to see how Atkinson will portray the Hulk, one of the most iconic and popular superheroes of all time. Atkinson, who has been preparing for the role by taking acting lessons, doing physical exercises, and wearing a motion-capture suit, said that he is very honored and thrilled to play the Hulk, and that he hopes to make the audience laugh and enjoy the movie.

“I have always been a fan of the Hulk, and I think he is a very fascinating and complex character, who has a lot of potential for comedy. I want to show the funny and human side of the Hulk, and to explore the humorous situations and challenges that he faces in his daily life. I also want to pay tribute to the original comics and movies, and to have fun with the genre conventions and clichés. I think this movie will be a great adventure and a great laugh for everyone,” Atkinson said.