Erdogan predicts record low for Turkish lira

Erdogan's plan to make Turkish lira the weakest currency

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made a surprising announcement that he expects the Turkish lira to hit a record low against the US dollar and other major currencies in the near future. Erdogan said that this is part of his economic strategy to boost the competitiveness and resilience of the Turkish economy, and to fight against the high inflation and foreign interference.

“We have a plan to make the Turkish lira the weakest currency in the world, and we are confident that we will achieve this goal very soon. This will benefit our economy in many ways, such as increasing our exports, attracting more tourists, and reducing our debt burden. We will also be able to control the inflation, which is a temporary phenomenon, by printing more money and lowering the interest rates. We will not listen to the advice or pressure from the outside, which are aimed at sabotaging our economic success and sovereignty,” Erdogan said.

Erdogan added that he has instructed the Central Bank of Turkey and other financial institutions to implement his plan, and to ignore the market forces and the economic indicators, which he said are manipulated and distorted by the enemies of Turkey. He also urged the Turkish people to support his plan, and to exchange their foreign currency and gold for the Turkish lira, which he said will become more valuable as it becomes weaker.

“I call on all the patriotic and loyal citizens of Turkey to join me in this historic and heroic mission, and to show their trust and confidence in our national currency, the Turkish lira. Do not be fooled or scared by the numbers or the charts, which are fake and misleading. The Turkish lira is the symbol of our strength and dignity, and we will make it the most powerful currency in the world by making it the most worthless currency in the world,” Erdogan said.