Snoop Dogg Announces Political Movement, Plans to Run for Office

Rapper Snoop Dogg shocked the political world today with his announcement of a new political movement. The movement, called “Snoop for Prez,” is set to launch next month and aims to “bring the funk back to politics.”

Snoop, who has long been known for his advocacy of marijuana legalization and laid-back attitude, says he is ready to take on the political establishment. “It’s time to stop messing around and get things done,” he said in a statement.

While details of the movement’s platform are still being worked out, Snoop has already hinted at some of his policy priorities. “We need to legalize not just weed, but also funk music and chill vibes,” he said.

Critics of the rapper’s political ambitions have questioned his qualifications for office. “I don’t think smoking weed and making music qualifies you to be a politician,” said one political commentator.

Despite the criticism, Snoop remains undeterred. “If Donald Trump can be president, why can’t I?” he said. “I’ve got the rhymes, the beats, and the people behind me. It’s time to make America cool again.”