A Presidential Sleepover

Presidential Lockout

In an unprecedented turn of events, the President of the United States Joe Biden found himself stranded outside the White House after misplacing his keys. Sources close to the administration report that the nation’s leader was spotted late at night, sheepishly knocking on the door of his neighbors, the Smiths, asking if he could crash on their couch.

“It was quite the sight,” said a Secret Service agent, who chose to remain anonymous. “One minute he’s commanding the armed forces, the next he’s in his pajamas asking for a spare blanket.”

The Smiths, known for their award-winning rose garden and annual Fourth of July barbecue, were reportedly more than happy to host the Commander-in-Chief. “We always have a guest room ready, just never thought it’d be for him,” chuckled Mrs. Smith, as she set out a plate of her famous chocolate chip cookies.

The President’s aides were quick to present the situation as an example of the President’s down-to-earth nature, willing to mingle with everyday citizens. Critics, however, questioned the security implications of such a casual approach to presidential accommodations.

In the morning, the President was seen returning to the White House, thanking the Smiths and promising to invite them over for a more formal visit soon. “Next time, I’ll make sure to double-check my pockets,” he joked to the awaiting press.

The incident has prompted a nationwide search for the missing keys, with the government offering a reward for their safe return. In the meantime, locksmiths across the country have been placed on standby, prepared to assist should a similar situation arise.