Goths Defy Tradition

Gothic Easter Eggs

In a bold move that’s ruffling feathers in traditional circles, the gothic community has announced plans to dye Easter eggs black, despite protests from the church. The decision, which has sparked both outrage and admiration, is seen as a statement of individuality and a challenge to the pastel palette that dominates the holiday.

The group, known for their love of all things dark and mysterious, has defended their choice as a reflection of diversity and creativity. “Why should Easter eggs be limited to bright colors?” asked a spokesperson for the Goths, sporting a raven-black cloak. “Black is elegant, it’s chic, and it makes the other colors pop.”

Church leaders have expressed concern, fearing that the dark-hued eggs could lead to a slippery slope of unconventional Easter celebrations. “Today it’s black eggs, tomorrow it could be Halloween-themed egg hunts,” lamented one clergy member, clutching his pearls.

Despite the controversy, the Goths are moving forward with their plans, organizing ‘Midnight Egg Dyeing’ events and even releasing a line of organic, squid ink-based egg dye. As Orthodox Easter approaches, many are curious to see how this modern twist on an ancient tradition will pan out.