Van Damme’s Kick Goes Viral

Jean-Claude Van Damme Selfie Incident

In a bizarre incident that has fans kicking up a fuss, Jean-Claude Van Damme, the Muscles from Brussels, inadvertently turned a fan selfie into a no-fly zone. During a meet-and-greet, the action star’s legendary leg reflexes kicked in, quite literally, when a fan’s smartphone was sent flying through the air as she attempted to snap a photo with him.

The event, which unfolded faster than one of Van Damme’s roundhouse kicks, left the crowd in a mix of shock and awe. The actor, known for his martial arts prowess, had been demonstrating a classic kick when the overeager fan stepped too close for the perfect shot. “It was like watching a scene from one of his movies, except the phone was the villain,” an eyewitness recounted, barely containing their laughter.

Van Damme, ever the gentleman, immediately apologized and offered to replace the phone, adding with a wink, “Next time, maybe just ask for an autograph.” The fan, though phoneless, was unharmed and seemed more starstruck than upset, declaring, “I got a story to tell for the rest of my life!”

The video of the incident has since gone viral, with netizens dubbing it the most epic selfie fail. As for Van Damme, he’s reminded everyone that while his movies may be from the ’90s, his reflexes are timeless.