Trump Claims to Be the Healthiest President, Despite Hamburger and Coke Diet

In a recent press conference, former President Donald Trump reiterated his claim that he was the healthiest president in US history. However, critics point out that his diet consists mainly of hamburgers and Coke.

When asked about his unhealthy eating habits, Trump responded that he gets all the necessary nutrients from his wealthy friends who provide him with the finest foods and supplements.

Despite this assurance, some critics remain skeptical of Trump’s diet, with one nutritionist commenting that “hamburgers and Coke are not a balanced diet, no matter how much money you have.”

In response to the criticism, Trump tweeted that he has never felt better and that he plans to release a book detailing his secret to perfect health, which he promises will be “the best book on health ever written.”

As the controversy over his diet continues, Trump remains adamant that he is the healthiest president in history, and that his diet has no bearing on his physical fitness or mental acuity.