First Free Public Transport in Luxembourg Not for Tourists

Luxembourg has made history by launching the first-ever free public transport system, but there’s a catch. The service is only free for residents, with tourists having to pay a hefty fee to use it. The move has drawn criticism from the tourism industry, which argues that it will discourage visitors.

The Luxembourg government has defended its decision, saying that the free public transport is a social benefit for residents. “We believe that it’s important to invest in the well-being of our citizens,” said a government spokesperson. “By making public transport free, we’re encouraging people to use it more, which will reduce traffic and pollution.”

Residents have welcomed the move, with many saying that it will make their daily commute easier and more affordable. “I used to spend a lot of money on transport, but now I can save that money for other things,” said one local resident.

However, the decision to charge tourists for using public transport has sparked controversy. “It’s discriminatory and unfair,” said a tourist who was visiting Luxembourg. “Why should I have to pay for something that’s free for everyone else?”

Despite the criticism, the Luxembourg government says it has no plans to change its policy. “We believe that this is the right decision for our citizens,” said the spokesperson. “We hope that tourists will understand and continue to visit our beautiful country.”

The move has also sparked interest from other countries, with some governments considering implementing similar policies. “It’s a bold move, but one that could have significant benefits for residents and the environment,” said a transportation expert. “It will be interesting to see how it plays out in Luxembourg and whether other countries follow suit.”