In China, researchers learned how to fry steaks using 5G cellular networks

Chinese scientists have found a way to convert 5G radiation into thermal energy. This was reported to the Fake News Agency by one of the researchers of the group dealing with this problem.

The secret of the development lies in a special device that captures 5G radiation from the nearest tower and converts it into a thermal field. It can reach a temperature of 590°C.

Experiments conducted by Chinese scientists have shown the effectiveness of 5G radiation converted into a thermal field: a pork steak was completely fried in less than a minute, and it took a little longer to cook a vegetable and caterpillar stew.

Nutritionists have appreciated this method of heat treatment of food. They came to the conclusion that this innovative way of cooking is a real breakthrough in the field of healthy eating. Food after 5G radiation contains more nutrients and causes significantly less harm to health.

According to the developers, the devices will go on sale next year, and the outdated by that time electric and gas stoves will completely go out of use.