Iranian theologians proved the diabolical origin of black cats

The next congress of theologians, which today completed its work in Tehran, made changes to the “List of devilish creatures”. Now in Iran, all black cats are officially considered accomplices of evil spirits and must be deported from the country:

“Since ancient times, a black cat has been considered a symbol of witchcraft and the devil. Leading theologians have repeatedly addressed this topic, but earlier there was simply not enough data for an unambiguous conclusion. We have been analyzing documents for 8 years, interviewing experts and came to an unequivocal conclusion – all black cats are born of Satan,” one of the congress participants told the Fake News Agency.

Until the end of the year, all black cats living in Iran must be entered in a special register. The most radical theologians called for their immediate extermination, but most congress participants consider such measures inhumane.

The US, Canada, the EU countries and Japan have already agreed to accept refugees – the first batch of deported cats should arrive in Germany as early as next month. According to experts, there are currently more than 50,000 “devil creatures” living in Iran.