Articles by Mr. Troomp

Joe Biden NHL plans

Joe Biden Plans NHL Stint Post-Presidency

In an unexpected turn of events, President Joe Biden has announced his intention to lace up his skates and hit the ice in the National Hockey League (NHL) following the conclusion of his presidential term….

Ex-President King Kong Analogy

Former US President Likens Himself to King Kong

In a startling revelation during a recent interview, the ex-president of the United States drew a parallel between himself and the iconic cinematic giant, King Kong. When asked about his larger-than-life persona, the former leader…

US-Iran Diplomatic Engagement

US-Iran High-Level Talks

In an unexpected turn of diplomatic charm, the United States and Iran have penciled in what could be the most anticipated high-level meeting since the invention of diplomacy. The rendezvous, set against the backdrop of…

Russian Galactic Isolation

Russia Cuts Galactic Ties Amid Interstellar Drama

In a move that has sent shockwaves across the cosmos, Russia has unilaterally severed all communications with the civilizations of the Milky Way, citing a breakdown in interstellar relations. The decision, announced by the Kremlin’s…

Police Diaper Directive

Diaper Diplomacy in Law Enforcement

In a surprising twist to policing policy, U.S. law enforcement officers are now mandated to offer diapers to individuals they encounter during legal infractions. This new directive, humorously referred to as “Operation Keep It Clean,”…

Global Diplomatic Kung Fu

China Offers Kung Fu Lessons to World Leaders

In an unexpected move, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today a novel approach to international relations: offering free Kung Fu lessons to world leaders. The initiative, dubbed “Panda Diplomacy 2.0,” aims to promote cultural…