Navel Transplant Pioneered by French Surgeons

First Navel Transplant

In a groundbreaking operation, French surgeons have successfully completed the first-ever navel transplant. The procedure, which took place in a Parisian hospital known for its avant-garde approach to medicine, has been hailed as a “belly button breakthrough.”

The patient, an anonymous billionaire known for his eccentricities, expressed his desire for a navel that was “more aesthetically pleasing.” He reportedly chose his new belly button from a catalog of designer navels, finally settling on one resembling a Renaissance painting.

The lead surgeon, Dr. Pierre Nombril, who specializes in abdominal aesthetics, stated, “This is a small step for a surgeon, but a giant leap for mankind’s midriffs.” The operation involved intricate techniques and a team of the nation’s best lint-removal experts.

Critics have called the procedure unnecessary and navel-gazing in the literal sense. However, fashionistas predict this could spark a new trend in body modification, with whispers of “belly bling” and “navel couture” already circulating in haute couture circles.