Jolie to Star in Her Own Life Story

Angelina Jolie's cinematic self-portrayal

In what critics are calling the role of a lifetime, Angelina Jolie has announced plans to direct and star in a film about her own life. The film, tentatively titled “Being Jolie,” will explore the trials and tribulations of being an internationally acclaimed actress, humanitarian, and mother of six.

“I’ve always been fascinated by characters with depth and complexity,” Jolie stated at a press conference, “and who’s more complex than me?” The actress went on to explain that she’s been preparing for the role her entire life and feels that she’s finally ready to tackle it.

Insiders report that Jolie has been rigorously studying method acting to ensure she can accurately portray herself. “It’s the most challenging role I’ve ever taken on,” Jolie confessed. “I mean, how do I get into the mindset of someone who’s lived such a unique and varied life?”

The film industry is abuzz with speculation about whether Jolie can pull off the demanding role of playing herself. Some skeptics suggest that she might be too close to the subject matter, while fans are eagerly anticipating a cinematic masterpiece. “It’s a meta-concept,” one film blogger mused. “A movie within a movie within a life. It’s so Jolie.”