US to pull out troops from Europe

US troop withdrawal from Europe

The US government has secretly decided to withdraw a significant portion of its troops, approximately 60,000, from Europe and relocate them to Canada as part of a new strategy aimed at de-escalating tensions with Russia.

The decision comes in response to recent aggressive moves by Russia, including the annexation of Crimea, the invasion of Ukraine, and threats to NATO allies.

Washington, wary of direct military conflict with Russia, has chosen a cautious and discreet approach. The US administration has devised a plan to quietly withdraw its troops from Europe and redeploy them to Canada, where they will be stationed in remote and secure locations.

The relocation aims to reduce tensions and avoid potential escalation or nuclear conflict with Russia. Additionally, the US hopes to maintain a strategic reserve and rapid response capability by positioning troops in Canada, ready to intervene in Europe or elsewhere if necessary.

The plan has been kept secret from European allies and the public to prevent panic and maintain US credibility. However, a leaked source has revealed details of the initiative, sparking shock and disbelief among European nations and the international community.

Some countries have accused the US of betrayal and abandonment, while others have expressed concern and disappointment over the decision.