Doctors discover the “malice gland” and remove it from a patient

malice gland

A team of doctors from the University of Cambridge has made a groundbreaking discovery: they have identified and removed an organ that they claim is responsible for human malice, aggression, and evil.

The organ, which they have named the “malice gland”, is a small, dark, and hard structure located at the base of the skull, near the brainstem. The doctors say that the malice gland produces a hormone that stimulates the amygdala, the part of the brain that controls fear, anger, and violence.

The surgeons performed a surgery on a patient who suffered from a rare condition that caused his malice gland to grow abnormally large and secrete excessive amounts of the hormone. The patient, who was known for being a notorious criminal, a violent bully, and a sociopath, agreed to undergo the surgery as part of a plea deal.

The surgery was a success, and the patient’s personality changed dramatically. He became kind, gentle, compassionate, and altruistic. The former criminal apologized to his victims, donated his money to charity, and volunteered at a homeless shelter.

The doctors say that their discovery could have huge implications for the treatment of mental disorders, criminal behavior, and social problems. They hope that by manipulating the malice gland, they can reduce the amount of evil in the world and create a more peaceful and harmonious society.