Backward dogs baffling Moscow residents

backward dogs

A strange phenomenon has been observed in the center of Moscow, where dozens of dogs have been seen walking backwards on the streets, sidewalks, and parks. The backward dogs, which belong to various breeds and sizes, have been attracting the attention and curiosity of the locals and the tourists, who have been taking pictures and videos of the unusual sight.

Some have speculated that the dogs are suffering from a neurological disorder, a viral infection, or a genetic mutation. Others have suggested that the dogs are protesting against the poor treatment and conditions that they face in the city. Some have even claimed that the dogs are possessed by evil spirits or aliens.

However, none of these theories have been confirmed by the authorities or the veterinarians, who have been unable to explain the behavior of the backward dogs. They have advised the public to avoid approaching or touching the dogs, as they may be dangerous or contagious.

The backward dogs have also caused some traffic problems and accidents, as they have been crossing the roads and intersections without looking or following the signals. The police have been trying to catch and quarantine the dogs, but they have been unsuccessful so far.

The backward dogs phenomenon has been dubbed as “the mystery of Moscow” by the media, and has sparked a lot of interest and debate on the internet. Some have praised the dogs for their originality and creativity, while others have criticized them for their stupidity and disobedience.