New basketball league to use self-guided balls

self-guided basketballs

A new basketball league is set to launch next year, featuring a revolutionary innovation: self-guided balls that can automatically score in the hoop. The league, called the Future Basketball Association (FBA), claims that the new balls will make the game more exciting, fair, and accessible to everyone.

The balls, which are powered by artificial intelligence and sensors, can adjust their trajectory and speed according to the situation and the player’s intention. They can also avoid obstacles, such as defenders, referees, and fans. The balls are designed to be compatible with any standard hoop and court, and can be controlled by a remote device or a voice command.

The FBA says that the new balls will level the playing field and eliminate the need for skills, training, and physical attributes. Anyone can play and win, regardless of their age, gender, height, or experience. The league also hopes that the new balls will attract more viewers and sponsors, as they will create more spectacular and unpredictable plays.

However, the new balls have also sparked controversy and criticism from traditional basketball fans, players, and coaches, who argue that they will ruin the essence and spirit of the game. They say that the new balls will take away the challenge, the fun, and the human element of basketball, and that they will make the game boring and predictable.

The FBA has not yet revealed the details of the new league, such as the number of teams, the schedule, the rules, and the prize money. But it has announced that it will hold a demonstration game next month, featuring some of the most famous basketball stars and celebrities, who will test the new balls and give their feedback.