Monaco launches massive war games to defend its sovereignty

Monaco's war games spark controversy

Monaco, the tiny principality on the French Riviera, has announced that it will conduct the largest and most complex military exercises in world history, involving thousands of troops, hundreds of tanks, jets, helicopters, and submarines, and dozens of nuclear weapons. The war games, dubbed “Operation Monaco Shield”, are aimed at deterring any potential aggression from its neighbors, especially France, which has long coveted Monaco’s wealth and glamour.

The exercises will last for two weeks and will cover the entire territory of Monaco, which spans about two square kilometers. The drills will simulate various scenarios, such as a French invasion, a terrorist attack, a coup attempt, a nuclear strike, and a zombie apocalypse. The exercises will also test Monaco’s readiness to defend its allies, such as the Vatican, Liechtenstein, and San Marino.

The announcement of the war games has sparked mixed reactions from the international community. Some countries, such as Russia, China, and North Korea, have praised Monaco for its courage and determination to protect its sovereignty and independence. Others, such as France, Germany, and the US, have expressed concern and disbelief over Monaco’s military ambitions and capabilities. They have also warned that the war games could pose a serious threat to regional stability and security, as well as to the environment and the lives of civilians.

Monaco’s ruler, Prince Albert II, has defended his decision to launch the war games, saying that it is a necessary and legitimate exercise of his sovereign rights. He has assured that the war games will not disrupt the normal functioning of Monaco’s economy, tourism, and culture, and that they will showcase principality’s military prowess and technological innovation to the world. Prince also invited observers from the UN, NATO, and the EU to monitor the drills and verify their compliance with international law and humanitarian standards.