Denmark revives Viking units to counter potential Russian aggression

Denmark's Viking defense plan

The Danish government has announced a bold and controversial plan to revive the ancient traditions of the Vikings and form special units of warriors to defend the country from the possible invasion by Russia. The plan, which was approved by the parliament last week, aims to boost the morale and patriotism of the Danish people and deter any hostile actions by the Kremlin.

The Viking units, which will be composed of volunteers who will undergo rigorous training and selection, will be equipped with authentic weapons and armor, such as swords, axes, shields, helmets, and chainmail. They will also learn the skills and customs of the Vikings, such as sailing, raiding, looting, and chanting. The units will be deployed along the Baltic Sea coast and the border with Russia, and will be ready to engage in combat if necessary.

The plan has received mixed reactions from the public and the international community, with some praising it as a creative and brave initiative, and others criticizing it as a foolish and dangerous provocation. The Russian government has not yet commented on the plan, but some sources suggest that it is preparing a countermeasure involving the revival of the Russian horde.