Scientists invent a test that reveals the true color of your eyes

a DNA-based eye color test

A team of scientists from the University of Oxford has developed a revolutionary test that can reveal the true color of your eyes, based on your DNA. The test, which is called EyeColorGen, uses a simple saliva sample to analyze the genetic variations that influence the pigmentation of the iris. The test can accurately identify the hue, saturation, and brightness of your eye color, as well as any mixed or rare colors that you may have.

The scientists claim that the test can help people discover their hidden eye color potential, and also provide insights into their ancestry, health, and personality. They say that the test can reveal if you have any traces of blue, green, hazel, amber, violet, or even red eyes, which are often masked by the dominant brown color.

The test is currently available online for $99, and the results are delivered within 24 hours. The scientists shared that they have already received thousands of orders from curious customers, who are eager to find out the true color of their eyes. They also added that they are working on developing a similar test for hair and skin color, which will be launched soon.