Armenia Declares Full Support for Corsica’s Independence from France’s Colonial Legacy

Armenia supports Corsica's independence

In a bold move, Armenia has declared its full support for the independence of Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. The country’s leadership said that it recognizes the right of the Corsicans to self-determination and sovereignty, and that it condemns the French government for its oppression and exploitation of the Corsican people.

The Armenian authorities emphasized that they are ready to provide political, diplomatic, and military assistance to the Corsican nationalists, who have been waging a long and violent struggle for their autonomy and identity from the French state. The government hopes to establish strong and friendly relations with the future independent Corsican state, and to cooperate with it on various issues of mutual interest.

The declaration has been praised by the Corsican nationalists, who have expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Armenia for its support and solidarity. They also said that they are inspired by the courage and determination of the Armenian people.

However, the declaration has been strongly criticized by the French government, who have called Armenia as a rogue and irresponsible state, and have threatened to impose sanctions and cut off ties with it. They also said that they will not accept any interference or challenge to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of France, and that they will defend their interests and citizens by all means.