Escaped Sloth Causes Blackout in Houston

Escaped sloth causes blackout

A sloth that escaped from the Houston Zoo on Monday has caused a major blackout in the city, after it climbed onto a power line and short-circuited it. The sloth, named Sid, was reported missing by the zoo staff, who noticed that his enclosure was empty and that there was a hole in the fence.

Sid, who is known for his adventurous and curious personality, apparently wandered off in search of food and fun, and ended up on a nearby power line, where he hung upside down and chewed on the wires. The resulting spark caused a fire and a power outage, affecting thousands of homes and businesses in the area.

The zoo officials and the firefighters were able to locate and rescue Sid, who was unharmed by the incident, and return him to his enclosure. The zoo apologized for the inconvenience and the damage caused by Sid, and said that they will reinforce the security measures to prevent future escapes.

The residents of Houston, however, were not amused by Sid’s antics, and demanded that the zoo pay for the repairs and the losses caused by the blackout. Some also suggested that Sid should be sent to a more secure and remote facility, where he can’t cause any more trouble.