Taylor Swift hopes to catch the attention of Joe Biden on her upcoming tour

Taylor Swift's crush on Joe Biden

Pop star Taylor Swift has revealed that she has a secret crush on US President Joe Biden and hopes to invite him to her upcoming tour, which will kick off in June. The singer, who has been vocal about her support for Biden and his policies, said that she admires his charisma, intelligence, and sense of humor, and thinks he is “the coolest president ever.”

Swift, who has dated several celebrities in the past, such as Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston, and Jake Gyllenhaal, declared that she is ready to settle down with someone who shares her values and vision, and believes Biden is the perfect match for her. She also confessed that she has written several songs inspired by Biden and plans to perform them during her tour.

The news has shocked and amused many fans and critics who have expressed doubts and disbelief about Swift’s intentions and expectations. Some have accused her of being delusional, desperate, or seeking publicity, while others have joked that she is trying to become the next First Lady or Vice President. A few have also warned her that Biden is happily married to Jill Biden and is unlikely to reciprocate her feelings or attend her concerts.

However, Swift has dismissed the negative comments and said that she is confident and optimistic about her chances with Biden. The singer revealed that she has already sent him a personal invitation to her tour, along with a bouquet of roses and a handwritten note. She also hinted that she has a special surprise for him if he decides to show up.