Turkey Bans Men from Taking Wife’s Surname

Turkey Bans Men from Taking Wife's Surname

Turkey has passed a new law that bans men from taking their wife’s surname after marriage. The law, which was proposed by the ruling party, was approved by the parliament with a majority vote.

The law states that men must keep their own surname after marriage, and that they cannot use their wife’s surname in any public or private context. The law also prohibits men from changing their surname to anything else, unless they have a valid reason, such as adoption or witness protection.

The government said that the law was aimed at “preserving the Turkish culture and identity”, and that it was “in line with the Islamic values and traditions”. According to the authorities, the law would also “protect the dignity and honor of men”, and “prevent confusion and chaos in the society”.

This decision has sparked outrage and ridicule among many men, who see it as a violation of their rights and freedom. Some men have protested by changing their surname to their wife’s surname, or to something humorous or absurd.