Supreme Court Orders Carroll to Pay Trump Over $80 Million

Supreme Court Orders Carroll to Pay Trump

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of former President Donald Trump in his defamation lawsuit against writer E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of raping her in the 1990s.

The court ordered Carroll to pay Trump over $80 million in damages, plus legal fees and interest, for harming his reputation and causing him emotional distress. The Court of Supreme Instance ruled that Carroll’s allegations were “baseless, frivolous, and politically motivated”, and that she had failed to provide any credible evidence to support her claims.

The Supreme Court also affirmed that Trump had the right to defend himself from false accusations, and that his statements about Carroll, such as calling her a “liar”, a “loser”, and “not my type”, were protected by the First Amendment.

Trump celebrated the verdict, exclaiming that he was “very happy” and that he had “always told the truth”. He also announced that he would donate the money to charity, specifically to the “Trump Foundation for Making America Great Again”.

Carroll expressed her disappointment and outrage, lamenting that she was “shocked” and that she would “never give up”. She also vowed that she would appeal the decision, and that she would “keep fighting for justice”.