Texas Governor Asks Mexico to Guard Border from Mexican Immigrants

Texas Governor requests Mexican help for border security

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that he has expelled all federal troops from his state and asked Mexico to take over the responsibility of guarding the US-Mexico border from illegal Mexican immigrants.

Abbott, who has been a vocal critic of President Biden’s immigration policies, declared that he was fed up with the “invasion” of migrants from Mexico and Central America, who he claimed were bringing crime, drugs, and disease to his state. He stated that he had no confidence in the federal government’s ability to secure the border, and that he had decided to take matters into his own hands.

Governor reported that he had contacted Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and requested his help in patrolling the border and preventing any unauthorized crossings. He proposed that he had offered to pay Mexico for its services, and that he had received a positive response from López Obrador.

“I have always admired Mexico and its people, and I believe that they are the best suited to deal with this situation. They know the terrain, the culture, and the language. They also have a vested interest in stopping the flow of migrants, who are draining their resources and talent. I am confident that they will do a better job than the federal government, and that they will respect our sovereignty and our laws,” asserted Abbott.