Spy Gadgets Found in Polish Parliament

Spy Gadgets Found in Polish Parliament

In a shocking discovery, security officials have found several spy gadgets hidden in the Polish parliament building. The devices include microphones, cameras, and even a remote-controlled rat.

The rat, which was disguised as a pet of one of the MPs, was found to have a camera in its eye and a microphone in its ear. It was also equipped with a small explosive device, presumably to self-destruct if caught.

The security officials suspect that the rat was planted by a foreign intelligence agency, but they have not ruled out the possibility that it was a prank by a disgruntled MP.

The other spy gadgets were found in various locations, such as the speaker’s podium, the cafeteria, and the toilets. Some of the devices were cleverly camouflaged as pens, watches, and buttons.

The parliament has launched an investigation into the matter, and has vowed to tighten the security measures. The MPs have also been advised to check their belongings and pets for any suspicious signs.