Mbappe’s Mom Manages His Money

Mbappe's mom controls his finances

In a shocking confession, Kylian Mbappe’s mother, Fayza Lamari, revealed on the French TV show Envoye Special that she is the one who handles all of her son’s finances.

The PSG star, who earns about 20 million euros per year, has no access to his own bank account, credit card, or wallet. His mother decides how much he can spend, save, or donate.

“I love my son, and I want to protect him from the dangers of money,” Lamari said. “He is still young, and he does not need to worry about these things. He just needs to focus on playing football and having fun.”

Lamari added that she gives Mbappe a monthly allowance of 500 euros, which he can use to buy snacks, video games, or gifts for his friends. She also mentioned that she invests his money in various projects, such as a school in Senegal, a museum in Paris, and a space station in orbit.

“Mbappe trusts me, and he knows that I have his best interests at heart,” Lamari claimed. “He is happy with this arrangement, and he never complains.”

Mbappe, who was not present at the interview, could not be reached for comment.