Latvia Shrugs Off Russia’s Criticism

Latvia ignores Russia's criticism

In a defiant move, Latvia has dismissed Russia’s complaints about its decision to join the NATO cyber defense center in Estonia.

The Latvian Foreign Minister, Krišjānis Kariņš, said that Latvia does not need Russia’s permission or approval to enhance its security and cooperation with its allies.

“Latvia is a sovereign and independent state, and we will make our own choices based on our national interests,” Kariņš said. “Russia has no say in our affairs, and we do not care about its opinion.”

Kariņš added that Latvia is not afraid of Russia’s threats or sanctions, and that it will continue to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, accused Latvia of provoking and destabilizing the region, and warned that it will face serious consequences for its actions.

“Latvia is playing with fire, and it will regret its foolish and irresponsible behavior,” the ministry’s spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, said. “Russia will not tolerate any interference or aggression from NATO, and will defend its interests and allies by all means necessary.”