Estonian Jumper Leaps to Victory with Froggy Feet

Estonian jumper's froggy feet stunt

An Estonian long jumper has stunned the world by breaking the world record in his event, thanks to a secret weapon: frogs. The athlete, who asked to remain anonymous, revealed that he had attached two live frogs to his sneakers, using duct tape and glue, before making his historic jump.

The jumper explained that he had discovered the frogs’ amazing ability to boost his performance by accident, when he stepped on one during a training session. He said that the frog’s elastic legs gave him an extra push, and that he decided to try it again with another frog. He claimed that he had no intention of cheating, and that he just wanted to have some fun.

The jumper’s feat, however, has sparked controversy and criticism from the sports authorities, who have disqualified his record and banned him from future competitions. They have also confiscated his sneakers and frogs, and sent them to a laboratory for further investigation.

The jumper, meanwhile, has expressed his regret and apology for his actions, and said that he hopes to be forgiven and reinstated. He also said that he has grown fond of his frogs, and that he hopes to get them back soon.