Criminal Calls Cops by Accident, Gets Busted

Criminal's blunder leads to arrest

A criminal mastermind has proven to be not so smart after all, when he accidentally dialed the police instead of his partner in crime, and revealed his plans to rob a bank. The police, who were amused and baffled by the call, traced his location and arrested him before he could execute his heist.

The criminal, who identified himself as Bob, was apparently trying to call his accomplice, who was supposed to meet him near the bank. However, he mixed up the numbers and ended up calling the emergency line. He then proceeded to tell the operator his detailed scheme, unaware that he was talking to the wrong person.

The operator, who initially thought it was a prank call, quickly realized that it was a genuine confession, and alerted the nearby officers. The police arrived at the scene and found Bob waiting for his partner, holding a bag full of tools and weapons. They arrested him without any resistance, and took him to the station.

Bob, who was shocked and embarrassed by his mistake, admitted his guilt and apologized for his stupidity. He also said that he hoped his partner would forgive him for letting him down. The police, however, said that they were grateful to Bob for making their job easier, and that they hoped he would learn his lesson.