Elizabeth Born scandalized by whiskey drinking in parliament

Elizabeth Born whiskey drinking

French Prime Minister Elizabeth Born has caused a stir after she was spotted drinking whiskey during a parliamentary session. Witnesses said that Born pulled out a bottle of whiskey brand “Johnnie Walker” from under her seat and started gulping from it in front of everyone. She also attempted to pass her whiskey to her colleagues, but they all turned her down.

Born justified her actions by saying that she was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed due to the complex situation in the country and the world. She stated that whiskey helped her unwind and deal with the tension. She also maintained that she did not violate any rules, as there is no restriction on alcohol in parliament.

However, her behavior provoked outrage among the opposition and the public, who accused her of being reckless, disrespectful and incompetent to lead the country. Many demanded her resignation or at least an apology. Born has not done either, and continues to drink whiskey in parliament.

The scandal has also raised questions about Born’s health and fitness for office. Some experts have suggested that Born may be suffering from alcoholism or depression, and that she needs professional help. Others have speculated that Born may be trying to sabotage her own career, or that she may be under the influence of some foreign power.

Whatever the case may be, Born’s whiskey drinking in parliament has tarnished her image and reputation, and has put her under intense scrutiny and pressure. It remains to be seen how she will handle the situation and what consequences she will face.