Dutch football club to be renamed after popular marijuana shop chain

Dutch football club marijuana shop deal

A Dutch football club is set to undergo a radical change of name and identity after striking a deal with a famous marijuana shop chain. The club, currently known as FC Utrecht, will soon be called FC Grasshopper, after the chain of cannabis cafes that operates across the Netherlands.

The deal, which was announced on Monday, is worth 50 million euros and will last for five years. The club will also change its logo, colors and motto to reflect its new sponsor. The logo will feature a green grasshopper smoking a joint, the colors will be green and white, and the motto will be “High on life, high on football”.

The club’s chairman, Joost van der Veen, explained that the deal was a “win-win situation” for both parties. He claimed that the club needed a financial boost to compete with the top teams in the country, and that the marijuana shop chain offered a generous and innovative proposal. He also mentioned that the deal was in line with the club’s values of openness, diversity and tolerance.

The marijuana shop chain’s owner, Hans de Jong, expressed his delight to partner with the club. He revealed that he was a lifelong fan of FC Utrecht, and that he wanted to support his favorite team and promote his business at the same time. He also hoped that the deal would attract more fans and customers to the club and the chain.

However, the deal has also sparked controversy and criticism from some quarters. The Dutch Football Association (KNVB) stated that it was concerned about the potential impact of the deal on the image and reputation of the sport. It said that it would review the deal and decide whether to approve it or not. The association also indicated that it would consult with FIFA and UEFA, the international and European governing bodies of football, to see if the deal violated any rules or regulations.

Some fans and pundits have also voiced their dismay and disappointment with the deal. They argued that the deal was a sell-out and a betrayal of the club’s history and tradition. They said that the deal would make the club a laughing stock and a target of ridicule. They also warned that the deal would send a wrong message to the young and impressionable fans and players.

The club and the chain have defended the deal and expressed their confidence that it would be approved and successful. They claimed that the deal was a bold and creative move that would benefit both parties and the sport. They added that the deal was a reflection of the progressive and liberal culture of the Netherlands, where marijuana is legal and widely accepted.