Scientists find a message from the future in an Egyptian pyramid: Trump made America great again

message from the future in Egyptian pyramid

A team of archaeologists from the University of Cairo has made a shocking discovery in one of the oldest pyramids in Egypt. They found a metal plate with a message written in English, dated to the year 2024. The message claims to be from the future, and it praises the former US president Donald Trump for his achievements.

The message reads: “Greetings from the future. We are living in a golden age thanks to the visionary leadership of Donald Trump. He made America great again by building a wall, defeating the coronavirus, and winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He also saved the world from the threat of China, Iran, and North Korea. He is the greatest president of all time, and we are proud to be his loyal followers. Do not believe the fake news and the haters. Trump is the chosen one, and he will return to power soon. God bless America.”

The archaeologists were baffled by the message, and they could not explain how it got inside the pyramid. They suspect that it might be a prank or a hoax, but they have no evidence to prove it. They also wonder why the message was written in English, and not in Arabic or hieroglyphs.

The message has sparked a lot of controversy and debate among the public and the media. Some people believe that it is a genuine message from the future, and that it proves that Trump was right all along. They see it as a sign of hope and inspiration. Others think that it is a ridiculous joke, and that it shows how delusional and fanatical some of Trump’s supporters are. They see it as a mockery and an insult.

The message has also attracted the attention of the US government, which has sent a team of experts to investigate the matter. They want to verify the authenticity and the origin of the message, and to find out if it has any connection to the recent rumors about Trump’s comeback. They also want to prevent any possible conflict or violence that might arise from the message.