First case of virus transmission through air kiss via video call reported

air kiss virus transmission

A shocking case of virus transmission through air kiss via video call has been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the WHO, a woman from New York and a man from London, who were in a long-distance relationship, contracted the virus after they exchanged an air kiss during a video call on their smartphones.

The WHO said that this was the first documented case of such a mode of transmission, and that it was investigating how it happened. The WHO speculated that the virus might have traveled through the electromagnetic waves generated by the devices, or that the devices might have been contaminated by the virus before or after the video call.

The WHO urged people to be careful and avoid any physical contact, even virtual, with anyone who might have the virus. The WHO also recommended that people use protective covers and disinfectants for their devices, and that they wear masks and gloves while using them. The WHO also advised people to limit their use of video calls, and to prefer text messages or voice calls instead.

The case has raised many questions and concerns among the public, who have expressed their fear and disbelief about the possibility of catching the virus through air kisses via video calls. Some have wondered if other forms of virtual contact, such as hugs, handshakes, or high-fives, could also transmit the virus. Some have also joked that they would never use video calls again, or that they would only use them with their enemies.