Hillary Clinton leaves lecture after students accuse her of war crimes

Hillary Clinton lecture protest

The former US Secretary of State and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has left a lecture at the University of Oxford after several students accused her of war crimes and human rights violations. Clinton was invited to speak at the university’s Blavatnik School of Government, where she was supposed to share her insights and experiences on global leadership and public policy.

However, as soon as Clinton started her speech, some students in the audience interrupted her and shouted slogans such as “Hillary for prison”, “Stop killing children”, and “No more wars”. They also held up banners and posters that listed some of the controversial actions and decisions that Clinton was involved in or supported during her political career, such as the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Libya, the coup in Honduras, the drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, and the support for Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Clinton tried to ignore the protesters and continue her speech, but they became louder and more aggressive. They also accused her of being corrupt, dishonest, and hypocritical. They demanded that she apologize for her crimes and face justice. They also questioned why the university had invited her to speak, and called for her to be disinvited and boycotted.

Clinton eventually decided to leave the lecture hall, escorted by security guards. She did not comment on the incident, and neither did the university officials. The protesters claimed that they had achieved their goal of exposing Clinton’s true nature and preventing her from spreading her propaganda. They also said that they were inspired by other student movements around the world that have challenged the status quo and demanded change.