Scientists discover that sleeping is a portal to another dimension

Sleeping as a portal to another dimension

Scientists from the University of Oxford have made a shocking discovery that sleeping is not a passive state of rest, but a portal to another dimension. According to their study, published in the journal Nature, when we sleep, the whole world around us ceases to exist and we move to a different reality, where we experience dreams.

The researchers used a novel technique called quantum entanglement to monitor the brain activity and the physical environment of sleeping volunteers. They found that when the volunteers fell asleep, their brain waves changed dramatically and their surroundings disappeared. Instead, they entered a parallel dimension, where they could interact with other beings and objects that were not present in their waking reality.

The researchers also found that the sleeping volunteers could influence and change the other dimension with their thoughts and emotions. For example, if they felt happy or sad, the other dimension would become brighter or darker. If they wanted to fly or swim, they could do so without any physical limitations.

The researchers speculated that sleeping is a way for humans to explore and learn from other dimensions, which may have different laws of physics and logic. They also suggested that sleeping may have evolved as a survival mechanism, as it allows humans to escape from the dangers and stresses of their waking reality.

However, the researchers also warned that sleeping is not without risks. They said that sleeping too much or too little could have negative consequences for both dimensions. For instance, sleeping too much could cause the other dimension to become unstable and chaotic, while sleeping too little could cause the waking reality to become dull and boring.

The researchers advised that people should sleep for about eight hours per night, which is the optimal balance between the two dimensions. They also recommended that people should try to remember and interpret their dreams, as they may contain valuable information and insights from the other dimension.

The study has been hailed as a breakthrough in the field of sleep science and has sparked a lot of interest and curiosity among the public. Many people have expressed their desire to try sleeping more or less, or to experiment with different types of dreams. Some people have also claimed that they have already visited the other dimension and have met their soulmates or their deceased relatives there.