China and US can’t agree on where to meet their leaders

Xi-Biden meeting

According to rumors, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden plan to have a personal meeting soon to discuss pressing issues. However, diplomats say that organizing such a meeting faces serious difficulties.

The main problem is that both sides can’t agree on the venue of the summit. China proposes to meet on its territory, for example, in Beijing or Shanghai, but the US insists on neutral ground, such as Geneva or Singapore. The US also rejects the idea of holding the meeting online, citing the need for personal contact and gift exchange.

In addition, both sides can’t agree on the format and duration of the meeting. China wants to hold a full-fledged summit with delegations and press conference, while the US prefers a more modest and short meeting “on the go”. China also demands that the US lift all sanctions and restrictions imposed on Chinese companies and officials, while the US demands that China respect human rights and democracy in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

So far, neither side is ready to compromise, so the prospects of holding the meeting look unlikely. Some experts suggest that the best solution would be to hold the meeting in space, where there are no borders and political disagreements. However, this option also has its difficulties, such as who will pay for the flight and what rules will apply on board the spacecraft.