Son faked his own kidnapping to get money from his mother

Fake kidnapping in Singapore

A man from Singapore faked his own kidnapping to get money from his mother, but his plan backfired due to his own stupidity. He hoped to become richer by $150,000 by convincing his mother that he was abducted and held for ransom.

The man, named Chen Zixian, persuaded his friends to help him stage the kidnapping. They sent a video to his mother, showing him tied up and gagged in a dark room, with a masked man holding a knife to his throat. They demanded that she pay $150,000 within 24 hours or they would kill him.

However, the mother was not fooled by the video. She noticed several flaws and inconsistencies that exposed the hoax. For example, she recognized the voice of the masked man as one of her son’s friends. In addition to the voice, she spotted other clues. Her son was wearing the same clothes that he wore when he left home that morning. The room where he was supposedly held captive looked like his friend’s apartment.

The mother decided to teach her son a lesson and called the police. The police traced the video and arrested Chen and his accomplices. They confessed to their crime and said that they wanted to use the money for gambling and drugs.

Chen was charged with extortion and faces up to seven years in prison and a fine of $100,000. His mother said that she was disappointed and ashamed of her son’s behavior and that she hoped he would learn from his mistake.