Mel Gibson Sues His Hairdresser for $10 Million

Mel Gibson's lawsuit against his hairdresser

Hollywood star Mel Gibson has filed a lawsuit against his hairdresser, who he claims has damaged his hair and his reputation. The actor, who is known for his roles in Braveheart, and Lethal Weapon, is seeking $10 million in damages for emotional distress, loss of income, and defamation.

According to the lawsuit, Gibson visited his hairdresser, who he has been using for over 20 years, last week to get a trim and a touch-up. However, he was horrified to discover that his hairdresser had cut his hair too short, dyed it too dark, and styled it in a way that made him look like a “clown”. Gibson claims that his hairdresser did this on purpose, as part of a “malicious plot” to ruin his career and his image.

Gibson says that his hairdresser’s actions have caused him severe embarrassment and humiliation, as well as affecting his ability to work. He says that he has lost several movie offers and endorsements because of his “disastrous” hairstyle, and that he has been mocked and ridiculed by the media and the public. He also says that he has suffered from depression, anxiety, and insomnia as a result of his hairdresser’s betrayal.

Gibson’s lawyer, who spoke to the press on behalf of the actor, said that Gibson is not only seeking monetary compensation, but also an apology and a promise from his hairdresser to never touch his hair again. He said that Gibson is determined to pursue justice and to restore his dignity and his glory.

The hairdresser, who has not been named for legal reasons, has denied any wrongdoing and has called the lawsuit “frivolous” and “baseless”. He said that he did nothing wrong and that he followed Gibson’s instructions. He said that Gibson is overreacting and that he is trying to blame him for his own personal and professional problems.