Builders Quit After Discovering Their Client’s Crazy Designs

Zeno Zephyr's villa project in Santorini

A group of builders in Greece has quit their job after discovering that their client was none other than the notorious architect, Zeno Zephyr, who is famous for his outrageous and impractical designs. The builders, who were hired to construct a luxury villa on the island of Santorini, were shocked and appalled when they saw the blueprints of the project.

According to the blueprints, the villa was supposed to have a shape of a giant spiral, with no straight walls or corners. The villa was also supposed to have a glass roof, a floating pool, a rotating bedroom, and a slide that would take the guests from the top floor to the beach. The villa was also supposed to be powered by solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal energy.

The builders, who had already started digging the foundations, said that they could not continue working on such a ridiculous and dangerous project. They said that the villa was impossible to build, that it would violate the building codes and regulations, and that it would ruin the natural beauty and harmony of the island. They also said that they feared for their safety and reputation, as they did not want to be associated with such a disaster.

The architect, Zeno Zephyr, who is known for his eccentric and controversial projects, said that he was disappointed and offended by the builders’ decision. He said that he had hired them because they were supposed to be the best in their field, and that he had expected them to be more creative and adventurous. He said that his villa was a masterpiece of art and engineering, and that it would be a landmark of innovation and sustainability.

Zephyr said that he would not give up on his vision, and that he would find another team of builders who would appreciate his genius and share his passion. He said that he hoped to complete his villa by next summer, and that he would invite celebrities, politicians, and royalty to stay there.